Veterans Day add-ons

Cartoons with Veterans relevance that we recently ran across, or that CIDU Bill had saved to the site’s media library with a note for possible Veterans Day add-on use.

This one Bill marked “Nov 11 Veterans Day addon”. It was posted in

This one Bill marked “UDIC Frazz Veterans Day” . It was posted as

These two we noticed on sequential days in Maria’s Day. Since that strip is on a reruns cycle at GoComics, the actual dates of the recent appearance were 31 August and 01 September, but apparently the original publication was on 10 and 11 November of some year.


  1. I know I saw in the last day or so at least two other cartoons based around taking “vets” to mean “veterinarians” and suggesting that people who take good care of animals deserve a Day. I thought Mutts must have been one of them, but no, can’t find it in Mutts.

  2. CIDUers who would like to comment on either the Doonesbury or the Frazz from CIDU Bill’s “Veterans Day Add-Ons” category are welcome to do so either in this present thread or by continuing the older threads featuring these strips, at the links shown. Thanks!

  3. @MikeP thanks for the comment. At first I didn’t know which comic you meant; but then it is clear it’s the bottom one from the Maria’s Day pair. And probably you’re right — Americans now use a different name for this day but do know and sometimes retain the Armistice Day (and Day of Remembrance) traditions.

    P.S. If you’re wondering why your comments were held for approval, it wasn’t because of any problem with the content nor the actual email address, just that the system hadn’t seen those addresses before, and both times therefore took you for a first-time commenter.

  4. Are those poppies in the guy’s cup?

    I think so, and the adult in the panel seems to be carrying one. I imagine the veteran was selling them. Poppies are still a relatively big thing in Canada for their equivalent, Remembrance Day. It got hockey broadcasting curmudgeon Don Cherry finally fired when he complained on air about immigrants not buying poppies.

  5. Last time I saw a veteran selling poppies for Veterans’ Day I was alone as Robert was still working – so about 14/15 years ago or a year or so before.

    For some reason, this year in particular Veteran’s Day seems to be treated more as Memorial Day as mostly deceased Veterans being mentioned and talked about. While of course they were Veterans also when alive, this holiday is more for those who are still with us, with Memorial Day being for those have who died .

    (Had to stop catching up on the site early last night as we had to take my 93 yo mom to a doctor early today, so I am back to finish.)

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