1. A few months ago I watched an anniversary performance (by Guthrie), but it just wasn’t the same. I much prefer the cutting edge present in the original album.

  2. I read somewhere that Arlo Guthrie said he loved listening to Bill Cosby records. Cosby didn’t tell jokes; he told stories. Cosby could keep people entertained for 20 or 30 minutes with one story. And then at age 20 Arlo got a chance to tell his story at the Newport Folk Festival.

  3. Thank you for running this.

    Robert follows Arlo online on something or other. Every year he & his family have a dinner at the church which anyone can come to. Help with setting it up and running it is welcome. Most years he thinks about maybe going, this year it was not even mentioned by Robert of course and I do not know if it went on this year.

  4. Hubby mentioned to me that Arlo is retired (or retiring) due to the same disease as his father, Woody Guthrie, had – Huntington’s.

  5. Andréa – As I understand it, Arlo does not have it. He was starting out on tour this year when Covid-19 hit and had to cancel due to same.

    The family is very involved with the association they started for those with it and for research.

  6. Wikipedia, citing a USA Today story, says:

    On October 23, 2020 Guthrie announced he was retired from touring and stage shows citing health issues, including a stroke on Thanksgiving Day 2019 which required brief hospitalization and physical therapy

  7. I had tickets to see Arlo perform this spring. I was sad when COVID canceled the show, and very disappointed when Arlo announced he was retiring from touring. Still, I can’t blame him and wish him well in this new season of life.

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