Saturday Morning Oy – October 24th

Sent in by Andréa. This is an Oy, but also a CIDU: why so many coats?

Also from Andréa.

From Olivier.

We don’t see “Shoe” all that often around here. But this seemed like a sweet OY, and ‘just what we deserve’.

A Tomversation from Ollie.


  1. There’s an old Gahan Wilson cartoon that shows a crowd of worshipers at a big zero. A onlooker asks another “Is nothing sacred?”

  2. Considering that Gahan Wilson already had a cartoon with the caption “Is nothing sacred?” which was then used as the title of one of his books, the third cartoon seems lacking in originality.

  3. @ Andréa – I think the multiple coats are an additional indication of his personality (just like the caps): he is someone who always “overdoes” it.
    @ Usual John – I was not aware of Wilson’s book, but the reason that the panel fails for me is that at one point the concept of a digit for “zero” was indeed a philosphical and quasi-religious topic, engendering arguments much like the issue of the irrationality of the square root of two.

  4. P.S. @ Editors – Speaking of overdoing it, I hope that the appearance of seven comics in a single “Oy” post means that the CIDU submission queue has been sufficiently (over)filled. Even if this is true, I still think it would be a good idea to observe Bill’s tenet of “non-repetition” (not to include two comics from the same author in a single post).

  5. @ Mitch4 – I have absolutely nothing against special events; earlier this year Bill did an “all one author” post. I just meant it as a general principle.

  6. I don’t think they’re all coats. I think they’re a white button-down shirt, 2 sweaters (red with a collar and blue), and a coat.

    The collars on three of them are up, but they’re different types of articles of clothing.

    Layers, people… Layers…

  7. One of my favourite corny jokes:

    Did you hear about the mathematician who was afraid of negative numbers? He’d stop at nothing to avoid them.

  8. I must be missing something with the “Contactless Ordering” one.

    Also, I think it’s been discussed before, but what’s up with Deering picking one word to draw in lower case and cursive? Or is that part of the “all caps” joke?

  9. I’ve never has so many good laughs in a row here. I’m grateful for the ones that took a moment or longer to figure out, like Contactless Ordering. (That one remains funny on re-reading, unlike a few of the others.)

    I do not understand the Pop Culture Shock Therapy panel.
    I do know that PCST is not supposed to be funny, and more often than not, combines 2 unrelated things. I think Apollo is a roll of paper towels that DOES have an American band around him (somehow reminiscent of School House Rock documents like the U.S. Constitution).

  10. I was wondering if the layers of coats / jumpers / sweaters could be roughly matched to the layers of caps, by color or pattern etc.?

  11. Mark, the patron is squinting to see the menu, supposedly because he’s not wearing his contact lenses. Beats the hank outta me, when I wear my contacts I see great at a distance but my near vision is impacted and I have to break out the reading specs. I see up close much better when not wearing my contacts.

  12. We didn’t capture the posting headline from the cartoonist’s blog for the “contactless” one. It was something like “Glassesless too” or Ëyeglassless too”. Does that help?

  13. Kevin, I’m not big on either the Rocky movies or Schoolhouse Rock. But calling for “Adrian!” is from the Rockies, as is Apollo who was his opponent in at least one big fight. The scrolled document might be from the Schoolhouse Rock number on passing a bill in Congress — the only one famous enough for me to know it! 🙂

  14. Ah, contacts. Thanks SMB and Mitch4. The way that the guy was drawn I assumed he was old and grumpy, not squinting. And he’s missing a finger on each hand. And it looks like the dishes on the table might fall into his lap. But hey, still way better than I could draw. 🙂

  15. The Simpsons are the reason I got the PCST one:

    Or, more recently, you can check the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, but that’s very political.

  16. @Mitch4 Oops, I didn’t notice I left out that I recognized the Rocky situation. What I didn’t remember was that the government documents were rendered as scrolls (or rather, scroll people) in the SHR spots.
    I’m told I often leave out assumed context when I talk to people.
    I also have the trait of rewriting a comment so many times that when I finally post or send it, I have NOT noticed that I have left out the context that I had originally started with. (This was the problem with my earlier post.)

  17. For those who aren’t aware, the character yelling “Adrian!” is, in fact, named “Schoolhouse Rocky”, the mascot of “Schoolhouse Rock.” And this may be the first time I can remember that a Pop Culture Happy Hour made it in as anything other than a CIDU.

  18. Waaaaaay too long since visiting CIDU and I have no excuse. The many coast is a scene in a “Friends” episode for sure!

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