Random Comments, Late 2020 Edition

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  1. This made me think of one where there was a pun on “shower caddy” but based on a golfing caddy, where this is a Cadillac car:

    I was thinking the shower-caddy/golf-caddy one got discussed here, but can’t find it.

  2. Luke Kruger-Howard has a new comic book. 110 pages. Free, but donations encouraged.

    Luke is most famous as the father of my grandson, but has a few other accomplishments:

    Luke Kruger-Howard (He/Him) is an Ignatz nominated cartoonist living in New Hampshire where he takes care of a toddler full-time. A graduate and former teacher at The Center for Cartoon Studies, Luke’s work has popped up in numerous places – stuff like The New Yorker, The Nib, Slate, Best American Comics, the AV Club, Buzzfeed, Google and the like. Some of his comics include Talk Dirty To Me (AdHouse Books), Our Mother (Retrofit/Big Planet Comics), Trevor (self-published and Ignatz nominated), The Big Mystery Case (Self published), and a handful more. He has been spending a lot of time recently dreaming about ways artists might be able to better separate their art practices from capitalism. GOES BOOKS is an experiment in that vein.

    For more info about this project AND TO GET YOUR COPY: https://sites.google.com/view/goesbooks/home

  3. Over on Gasoline Alley’s GoComics site, people were posting vintage strips. One hundred years ago, 80, etc. And some other strips like Brenda Starr and Rick O’Shea. Some commenters disliked that and began flagging comments leading to some being deleted and one person put in suspension. The latter particularly weird at GC, because they don’t tell you that nor does it prevent you from commenting. It’s just that no one else will see the comments.

    As a Premium member, I have been giving the moderators and regular contact an email-full about that, especially where some of mine were deleted. Recently there have been no deletions that I have noticed.

    The guy that got suspended (Stu) had been posting the strips to Twitter. He alse created a Facebook group to post and discuss the old strips. However, it’s a private group, which means that you can’t even read the posts, unlike the one referenced above. I’m not FB, and I’m not going to join just for that. I have been linking the Twitter feed for that, but supposedly he will stop posting them there 5/1.

  4. The latter particularly weird at GC, because they don’t tell you that nor does it prevent you from commenting. It’s just that no one else will see the comments.

    I’ve only recently heard of this sort of coventry, under the term shadow banning, mostly with regard to Twitter.

  5. Attila’s wife, calling out from the back room of the tent, when he gets back in the evening: “Is that you, Hun?”


    You know, we always can use more reader-submitted LOLs, OYs, and mainline CIDUs. Please just send to the sidebar-posted address: cidu dot submissions at gmail dot com.

    (And easier if kept fairly narrow, rather than mixed in multi-comix mails with Ewwws, synchros, etc.)

    It will be easier to track correspondence if you could mention that category in the email Subject line (along with some indication of the comic title or creator or whatever — just so there are not indistinguishable batches all called just “CIDU”).


    -- Eds.

  7. I sent in a batch of 4 a month or two ago, they were all comics (I didn’t understand) from one day about half a year ago. After I spent my time formatting the message, I forgot to include a subject line. None of the four I sent in ever showed up here.
    So, was it the fact that the comics were “stale”, being over 6 months old?
    Was it the fact that I omitted a subject line?
    Are they in fact cued up and awaiting deployment on some special future day?
    Or am I due a Snoopy rejection letter that I please stop submitting?

  8. larK, the latest I see from you (on this return address) were 5 January. The Beetle Bailey in there was published 15 January, https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com/2021/01/15/oxygen/

    I did notice some unexpected spam-holds on some email submissions (and started checking those regularly), but I don’t think anything from you was among them.

    I have indistinct memory of another batch from you that may be what you describe. But address search is not finding it. Maybe when WW connects he will find something. Meanwhile, if you have them in a Sent folder or something like that, would it be difficult to resend? Thanks!

  9. I don’t think I’m seeing this consistently: What are the correct diacritics (if any) to use in the name Lio for the cartoon and its character?

  10. Liō. I don’t know for sure what the pronunciation is. I internalize it as “Leo”,

  11. Just FYI, in case anyone’s been following Mother Goose & Grimm (which I was planning to delete from my daily read anyway) . . . it’s ending, according to Comics Curmudgeon. It’s been unfunny for quite some time, so it was obvious the artist had lost interest.

  12. Thanks, Brian. I was putting an acute accent on the í but Lío looked wrong. I just knew there was supposed to be some diacritic. I may not bother with finding o with a macron, though.

    And I agree with thinking of it pronounced just like “Leo” though I have no more source for that.

  13. I just ran across a remark (in a blog collection of today’s notable births, deaths, premieres, and “designated days”) that today is ” No Pants Day” in the U.S. and Canada; with a link to one of those Days sites.

    And that forestalled a feeling of coincidence or synchronicity that I was seeing several comics involving “no pants”, such as Hi and Lois https://www.comicskingdom.com/hi-and-lois/2021-05-07 and Zippy https://www.comicskingdom.com/zippy-the-pinhead/2021-05-07

  14. A Meta from Andertoons:

    I assume the underlying cartoon we see under the notice box is a real one they have done; but so far don’t see it among their recent posts at GoComics.

  15. Marginal caption deciphering suggestions in the goComics comments:

    “And this is my yes face. I’m Immitating a platypus.”
    “And this is why you never ever invest in a platypus.”

  16. Breaking Cat News had a week-long run-up to No Pants Day. Sally Forth seemed to mention it. Dick Tracy had a character with no (US) pants, but didn’t mention the day specifically. It’s not clear if Lennie Peterson chose this particular rerun of the Big Picture with that in mind or not. He hasn’t replied in comments.


  17. Brian in Not Seattle says Breaking Cat News had a week-long run-up to No Pants Day

    Yes, and it pretty much baffled me all along, since the cats are indeed depicted with clothing on but it still seemed odd to mention this one cat (was it Lupin?) was unclothed when he disappeared , when that is irl the normal state for cats. I liked the speculation that his white fur was camouflaging him on some white towels or linens. I sometimes can’t find my ginger boy when he is curled up in a similarly colored cat bed.

  18. Yes, Lupin. Georgia mentioned that he’s particularly hard to find at a times because he’s deaf, so they can’t even call him.

  19. For the “Would It Have Worked Better If …?” Department,

    In both cases, the appellation “Don” is a marker of respect, like a title, and not like a given name. Would it have worked better if the mistake-Don was a guy with that name?

  20. zbicyclist said: Luke Kruger-Howard has a new comic book. 110 pages. Free, but donations encouraged.
    Also: For more info about this project AND TO GET YOUR COPY: https://sites.google.com/view/goesbooks/home

    Bringing that back to remark I have received my copy, and will be looking forward to reading it soon!
    Nice pay-it-forward model. My order was free; but my donation went to supporting a free copy for somebody else.

  21. Brian: “… nor does it prevent you from commenting. It’s just that no one else will see the comments.” That does seem exceptionally weird, and reminiscent of the way lawyers and doctors are sometimes disciplined. I mean, if a lawyer or doctor has done something reprehensible, why not let potential clients or patients have that information?

    Andréa: I find Mother Goose and Grimm, like many comics, sometimes dull and other times hilarious. If I had to pare my list, MGaG would be among neither the first to go or the last to keep.

  22. I agree – just about the time I prepare to delete MG&G from my list, a really funny one comes up, and so it will live to annoy me for another day.

  23. I’m BAAAAACK!

    Just got my laptop back from the shop, after about 30 days.

    Some observations:

    I can now use the space bar
    Once e month is enough to keep up with Mary Worth
    Daily comics had a backlog of 30 days, and varying posting rates also varied the backlog. The fewest new comics in that month? Bug Martini, with two.

    And I missed you all!

  24. It was a few years ago that I scored a triple-Garfield.

    I was driving on Chicago’s West 55th Street, in a section where it is named Garfield Boulevard. On the NPR radio, I was listening to Bob Garfield. And he was interviewing Jim Davis, creator of Garfield comic strip.

    In the backstory related in this clip, was Garfield really the first to use a cat rather than dog? How about Heathcliff?

  25. I recall a Zen moment sixty or so years ago when I was watching baseball on TV: Dave Philley was playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, and the broadcast featured commericals for Philly cigars.

  26. To really technical, Heathcliff is a panel, not a strip. But yes, Wikipedia sez it predates Garfield.

  27. Kliban’s cats may have slightly predated Garfield as well, but they weren’t really a regular strip either

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