1. Hopefully more legibly:

    @Kilby: Yes, Ed described images in two places in this thread, as you point out. I didn’t take his If I knew how to insert a photo here, I’d show it to you. as meaning the tee-shirt necessarily, just something which would illustrate his point that : “ No, Kilby, the bayss/bæss pun doesn’t work aurally, but yes, it has long been a fertile one orthographically.

    @CIDU Bill: But the Bizarro you posted at 10:03 PM does not, to me, fit either “A fisherman in a lake of bass-clef signs” or the bayss/baess pun working orthographically though not aurally. It just seems to be about bass players (as musicians) being outcasts.

  2. Okay… Boise Ed sent me a comic that’s posted a few inches above where we are now.

    This is the t-shirt photo he later sent me:

    A few minutes ago Wildebeast sent me this song for Wake-Up Music:

    And now I don’t want to hear the word bass again until Opening Day!

  3. I hope you really don’t mind one more. This one is a parody by one of my favorite a cappella groups, Straight No Chaser, with lyrics that stress bass = low voice.

    All About That Bass (No Tenors):

  4. Back when I went to Hebrew school I learned Ashkenazi Hebrew. So had I stuck it out I would have been a bas mitzvah. I actually have some trouble with prayers in Hebrew as I read them/remember them in Ashkenazi and everyone is reading them in Sephardic.

    Seders when I was young consisted of my older boy cousin reciting the 4 questions in Sephardic Hebrew, me reciting them in Ashkenazi Hebrew and his kid brother reciting them in English.

    As the years passed my uncle’s seders got more and more complete – with my dad, his older brother, sitting at the other table doing family member’s tax returns – well, at least that’s how I remember it.

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