1. No, but almost everything is closed here (Chicago).
    I went to my dentist this morning, but they are only seeing “emergencies” and have limited hours. (I wasn’t an emergency, but had oral surgery a week ago and had an appointment to get the sutures pulled, which shouldn’t wait three weeks more.) They said the current plan is limited office activity for 3 weeks, per the ADA.
    My brother, in Oakland CA, is pretty much in lockdown. He is technically “court personnel” and could count an exception, but hasn’t tried to use it.

  2. Do you mean OFFICIAL lockdown, or just “stuck at home”? My bf and I are both working from home, and as of yesterday we’ve taken refuge at my parents’ home outside of the city. So we don’t kill each other stuck in a small apartment 24/7 for God knows how long.

  3. My bad. I should have put quotes around the word (and I will in a minute). I meant the latter.

    Are any places on actual lockdown? I know New Rochelle, NY (the home of Rob and Laura Petrie) was put under quarantine a couple of weeks ago.

    New Jersey has a statewide curfew after 8pm. I’m not sure how or if that’ll work.

  4. As I mentioned, where my brother is, in Oakland, there is some kind of official curfew for several of the Bay Area counties.

  5. My wife is in a rehabilitation center, and was hoping to move back home in a week or two, but all such in Minnesota are now in lockdown mode indefinitely. Also closed: schools, libraries, museums, restaurants (except for takeout), etc. (I’m not complaining; many others are far more affected than I am, and the precautions seem reasonable, if sadly so.)

    Nobody is locking me in my house, and I did go out for a few errands today: minor auto fixes — interacted with only one mechanic; one purchase at a store which had only three or four other people in it. I also spoke to a neighbor while doing some yardwork in front of my house and, briefly, to a stranger a little later.

    But yesterday I (perhaps foolishly) kept an optical exam appointment. Numerous other people in the clinic. At least two other people with whom I interacted were coughing a lot; unfortunately one of them was the technician who was testing me.

    If I suddenly stop posting here, well, it’s been fun.

  6. “New Rochelle, NY (the home of Rob and Laura Petrie)”

    Yep. That’s what I think of every time it comes up in the news.

    I’ve been getting my exercise by walking in the city parks. They were *crowded* on Sunday. I think part of it is that there’s nowhere else to go, and part is that (for some reason) the state parks have close.

  7. DC area (suburbs), no official lockdown but many things closed. I’ve been working from home since 2002 so not a log of change for me. I have suspended my “no webcam on conference calls” because folks are also at home and not used to not being able to see each other, figure I can do my part; in the past, if anyone said “Hey, why don’t you turn on your webcam?” I’d reply, “If I turn it on, you’ll be lucky if I’m wearing pants…” and that always ended the discussion!

  8. The UK is not formally in lock down, and there is no curfew, though we are advised to work from home if we can and not to go to bars, theatres, clubs, big gatherings, have friends round at home, or travel abroad unless essential (though that is “Foreign Office Advice”, a more formal state which triggers insurance companies withdrawing insurance, and allows people to claim on insurance if they cancel).. All variously calibrated depending on vulnerability, one parameter being over 70. But schools are still open, and people are allowed to go for walks in the open. Nonetheless, West End theatres, cinema chains, London and other big musuesms, restaurants and pubs have shut down all over the place and some universities have unilaterally moved to online teaching.

    One noted cockwomble who is planning to go out to a pub (“if I need to”) against the advice of the Prime Minister – flanked at news briefings by the government’s Chief Medical Adviser and Chief Scientific Adviser for extra authority and gravitas – is the PM’s 79-yo father Stanley Johnson:
    Mind you, if the government REALLY didn’t want people going to pubs it should close the pubs.

    One place that has just shut down for the duration is the Topic Folk Club in Bradford, which has been active every week since it started around the time of the Suez Crisis and Hungarian Uprising (leading to Soviet invasion) in 1956. It has been closed on odd club nights, almost exclusively when they fall on Xmas or NY Days (and no doubt once or twice during big snowstorms, eg in 1963). I do the website so had to put up the notice last night. It operates in a bar at the moment, and has a clientele including many 70-somethings (when it started it was almost exclusively populated by teenagers, and was not in a bar). So shutting seemed to the Committee to be the only responsible thing to do.

  9. Best wishes to Mrs. Shrug for a speedy recovery.

    “New Rochelle, NY (the home of Rob and Laura Petrie)”
    Yep. That’s what I think of every time it comes up in the news.

    Me too!

    I’ve been getting my exercise by walking in the city parks. They were *crowded* on Sunday.

    Here’s a view of Sunday in the park if people were staying away 🙂

  10. Yeah, I would rate Bay area as under an actual lockdown.

    Here in Seattle area, we’re effectively in lockdown. You can go out if you want, but there’s not a lot of people out, and not much is open to go to.

  11. I haven’t been doing much differently. Because of the NHL shutdown, I haven’t been going to games. As I’m no longer a productive member of society, I’ve mostly been doing the same stuff as always at home.

  12. I did get an email from the county library that they will be closed. Makes e-books an even better option. That will be hard on people that use the computers and wifi there.

  13. I’ve been getting my exercise by walking in the city parks. They were *crowded* on Sunday.
    As John Oliver reported (on his eerily empty set), There have been shutdowns of major sports, and the National Hockey League.

  14. In Massachusetts, restaurants can no longer allow people to eat inside. Instead they can offer take-out or delivery service. Other businesses have started to shut down. Grocery stores are open, though now often at reduced hours. Theaters, art centers, gyms and such have shut down. Annual events and concerts have been postponed or cancelled altogether. So we as individuals can still move around town, but there’s not much to do.

    I was just recently trying to improve my social life, seeking out new venues for me that have folk open mikes. Just in time for a shutdown of unknown duration.

    Such is my luck…

  15. By state edict, in Illinois schools are closed, many churches are closed – ours streamed the services for the first time on Sunday, restaurants are drive-in or curb service only, bars are closed, grocery stores are on shorter hours, and many small service businesses such as hair salons are closed due to mass cancellations. I went to work. We’re a small business, 30+ people, and our customers are the people who grow things – and the cows need to be milked and the fields need to be tilled, etc., and they expect others are working as well. But my Bible study group just finished its weekly meeting, beginning today, and for the duration, via Zoom. We’re thankful for the ability to still meet, even if it isn’t in person.

  16. There are advantages to living in the future.

    A book I was waiting for was released today. I didn’t have to go to the bookstore, or even to the library, or even online: it got zapped into my phone last night as I slept.

  17. I don’t know about the NHL. They have been saying that they want to get playoffs in at least in this year. I guess we’ll see. Missouri hasn’t had as many cases as some, and they’ve contained them fairly well. I think all have been people returning from contagion areas so far.

  18. The wife and I usually spend 2 ½ months here in Tucson, from early February to mid-late April. We’re planning to drive back to Michigan Friday and wondering what problems we may encounter. Extra anxiety, ours and everyone else’s, for starters. Really using wipes, a lot of them, in the truck stops (wipes from rubbing alcohol and paper towels). Carryout, maybe from Subways. Hoping Motel 6’s are open – we travel with a dog and two cats. I considered staying longer in Tucson. But I concluded travel may be even more hazardous in weeks ahead, and that we might be stuck in our condo here until summer, with little to do, no place to go. Oh, and I’m 82, Rachel’s 71.

  19. Have been working from home for nearly two years, so not much difference in the workday. Social activities all curtailed. I have been going out shopping for essentials. Should be good for a while. Lots of things are closed. Restaurants/bars can only do takeout. Public libraries closed. Public transit still running but not crowded. Chiropodist called to cancel my appointment. Excitement was added to this by me having what those in the insurance business call “a water incident.” No, that does not mean peeing myself.

    I expect I will be posting a lot, unless I laid out by illness. I echo Shrug’s sentiments. Given that a goodly number of us are geezers or in other high-risk groups, be well.

  20. I’m not government-locked-down, but my company is putting everyone on work from home, except those who can’t do their jobs that way. I’m self-locking down for the next few days, though, because I’m going to visit some older folks, then give blood, and I don’t want to infect anyone if I do get exposed.

  21. My wife hasn’t left the condo since last Wednesday.

    I’m mostly retired, and luckily have a job I can do from home. I’ve been going on a lot of walks, and taking bike rides (solo, because the bike club has eliminated group rides for now). Even the walks are getting a bit complicated — Illinois closed all their state parks (not just the lodges and restaurants and visitors center), Chicago Botanic Gardens is now completely shut. The restrooms in the local parks are still under winter closing.

    My wife washed the remote in soap and water, and now it doesn’t work. But she doesn’t want me to go to the Comcast store to get a new one. Luckily, there’s a remote app for the smartphone.

    I’m hitting that file of “recipes I want to try someday” — shrimp fried rice today. This is a bit creative, since I’m usually missing one or two ingredients.

    Heck, my dad fought in the Battle of the Bulge. I just have to watch Netflix and chill. I can do this!

  22. Zbicyclist, once I discovered the remote app for the smartphone, I misplaced the remote and never looked for it. What a brilliant thing.

  23. Okay, I must retract something I said: though New Jersey’s governor imposed an 8pm curfew, it isn’t mandatory.

    I think somebody’s confused about what the word means, and I don’t think it’s me.

    Still, I have no place I need to be, so as far as I’m concerned I am on lockdown.

  24. @ NHL – Over here, one of the very first sports cancellations was the German hockey league. More than a week before all the football (=soccer) leagues admitted that they had to shut down, the hockey bosses cancelled the rest of the season (including the playoffs) and agreed that there would be no “champion” for 2020. The fundamental difference is that hockey gets virtually no money from TV, so they are utterly dependent on ticket sales. This meant that staging games without an audience just wasn’t an option. The soccer leagues were seriously considering empty stadiums as a viable interim “solution” (Sky Sports had even offered to broadcast the games in free TV), but eventually sanity prevailed. Just like what happened in the NBA, it only takes one confirmed case to put an entire team in quarantine.

  25. As you know Bill – we are not under formal lockdown but told to go out as little as possible.

    As I just posted on another thread (hotdogs and buns) – we go to the PO to check for mail and send out what I have done or paid (and I had paid all the bills through the 23rd – need my Social Security check to pay beyond then and it comes 4th Wed of month – all at once and thought us done us other than tax returns when I get them done, but things keeping popping up that need to be done and mailed out), we go to Wendys for lunch (we also have to go or delivery rule so as of today we are picking up our lunch and bringing home), then go to the supermarket & Walmart to look for food and hand sanitizer/liquid soap to keep him happy.

    We have two full Costco sized bottles of hand sanitizer, a started one of same, a couple of partial medium sized bottles, and a number of small sized bottles of same, other than my small pocket bottle – and maybe his slightly larger small pocket bottle none even look like the level has dropped. We have 2 almost full bottles of alcohol – but he needs more. Oh – and like the TP I talked about in the other strip – we have spares of everything in the RV.

    Schools are closed for 2 weeks and I am sure they will be for longer, with schools setting up for teachers to teach online. State has waived the 180 day minimum for schools. Churches, Mosques and Synagogues are closed and telling parishioners not to come. Roman Catholic Diocese said to watch mass on their website. I know that there is a Jewish channel from NYC that broadcasts services also (I watch the Rosh Shoshana services on same. Do not know if any other religious groups have similar.

    Town of Hempstead Parks (and I am guessing the other ones) have canceled activities. My embroidery group meets at one of them in their community room and I was going to email the chapter pres and ask if I should send out an email saying we will not have an April meeting – and she contacted me first saying she called and it closed – it was on the NEWS did she not see same? I plan to still put out the monthly newsletter – which is mostly the meeting notice, but I put in a lot of other info.

    We are encouraged to only go for food, pharmacy and exercise (this last one confuses me a bit).

    Now Robert’s sister – who I always talk about – called us in a panic over the last weekend – she is out of TP and there is none. (We would not get to the point where there was none – so it gives an idea of how she plans) – she had no idea of what was going on. Eventually her husband found some that ” a guy was selling at gas station” and got some. Today we heard about her problem that she can only eat fish or she gets sick and she cannot find any – then again, she never cooks – they always eat out (except Christmas day – and even then she does not cook – other than to make a bad version of what she remembers her mother making as tomato “gravy”) so they are going to have a problem as they will have to take in and eat at home. She just lives in her own world and amazed that no one else does what she thinks is normal.

    On the good side – the state opened up a second drive through testing site and it in our county. They very smartly used Jones Beach – a huge state park and long beach line area with many huge parking lots for the site. The only use this time of year – other than those few who like going to a cold beach – is a limited access parkway that runs through it – easy access to those who need to be tested and those not being tested can move through without being near the testing.

  26. The news reported that a plan has been proposed by the NHL players to have a mini training camp in July, with a short regular season and then playoffs.

  27. France is under lockdown as of yesterday noon, Belgium isn’t (although most everything, starting with schools, is closed). I’ve got some papers to justify my driving to work. Everybody who can works from home (I’m glad not to have children). The problem seems to keep needed people to continue their work: supermarkets are still open but if no employee shows up to put new stuff on the shelves, what’s the point? I shopped for groceries on Monday (usually Tuesday) for 2 weeks (instead of my usual 1-week supply) and got all I needed, but there was less on the shelves than usual. I didn’t buy tp 😉 , the 4 rolls I have should last me until next year.
    My main problem is with the post office: had to pick a registered letter on Saturday morning but it had not been delivered (contrary to what was said on their website), on Monday, my post office was closed, telling to go to a farther one. I went there yesterday afternoon, but they had changed their opening hours to morning only (again, contrary to what was on their website, or even in the message on the window of the usual post office); there I met the mailman in charge of picking the mail who was upset too: he was taking a picture of the sign to prove his boss why he didn’t do his job. Will try again tomorrow morning.

  28. In the UK the government’s attitude seems to be” We suggest you don’t go out except for things like work and school but whatevs guys it’s just a suggestion yeah?”

  29. Everything is closed in Switzerland except food stores, pharmacies, and (hey, it’s Switzerland) banks. People are told to leave home for only necessary trips, but it doesn’t have the force of law or required paperwork as in France and Italy. Weekday mid-morning is as empty as Sunday at 8am from my window!

  30. My Landkreis (think county) in Germany just issued something of a lockdown today. Restaurants, bars and clubs are closed, as are theaters, cinemas, etc. Hospital visitation is severely limited. Religious services are shut down. All public events except government meetings. Indoor gatherings of more than 50 people are banned and smaller gatherings have to be in private facilities. Outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people are banned. The current end date is April 18, but an extension is possible.

    I work from home anyway, so that’s not much of a problem for me. Also the kids are long since out of the house. There hasn’t been much sign of hoarding in my area, but that was before the formal lockdown. I’ll go grocery shopping again tomorrow. We’ll see what’s still on the shelves then.

  31. I (in the UK) went to the pool this morning and it was open. I could see people pounding away on the treadmills and in the weights section of the gym, and in the spin class, huffing and puffing droplets out in the the air. The only difference in the pool management today was that we are told (on signs, not verbally) to shower before getting in the pool, but it is good practice to do that anyway. When I was a kid in the 60s and 70s you always had to walk through a shallow disinfectant bath to counter verrucas but they seem to have gone out of fashion (both the footbath and the verruca).

    Also, several Benning Men were cleaning the indoor basketball/ volleyball/ five-a-side football court in advance of the school that the leisure centre is attached to planning to hold exams in there shortly.

    The Glastonbury Festival has just announced it has cancelled… it’s its 50th anniversary, with Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney headlining. It takes place on a dairy farm about ten miles from me (well, started on one farm but they take over several other farms too for the duration). 200,000 people. Things might possibly be better by end June – though few people think that likely – the organisers cancelled because in the runup they have to have thousands of people on site building the infrastructure so that’s not gong to work. The festival land, farms in operation all year round, do have the odd fallow year to give the grass a break. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51942898

    But again, this hasn’t been ordered cancelled by the government, this and the museums and the theatres shutting has all been done by the owners/ organisers/ managers. The National Trust has closed its big stately homes and mansions but its gardens and parks are all open – normally for a hefty price, but free for the time being. I think people are mindful that cooping everyone up in their homes with little to do but work, sit, watch TV and eat without exercising or without even just walking to the tube train has its own health dangers, plus the mental health dangers of leaving elderly frail lonely people alone.

    I wonder if “advising” stuff and letting people and companies decide for the themselves is more psychologically useful in getting people to buy into the disaster and actually do the right thing, instead of a massive compulsory diktat from above. In Spain and France, for instance, loads of police are out and about stopping people from walking around in the open air without a specific allowed purpose, with fines for infractions, and I can imagine that would generate resentment in pretty short order.

  32. @narmitaj: It seems as though the UK government doesn’t want to formally close everything because then insurance companies would have to pay out to all the businesses that close. (Presumably said companies primarily donate to the Tories.) This way, all those businesses are on their. I just read that one of the major pub-operation companies, with something like 800 pubs, has told their managers not to pay any taxes and fees to the national government, since they aren’t getting any service from them.

    Also the Eurovision Song Contest has now been canceled for this year. Just goes to show that every cloud does have a silver lining.

  33. Ontario isn’t quite in lockdown either. As Canada goes, we’re probably number two in how far along our outbreak is, although Toronto is such a centre that they probably count as number 1,and the rest of the province may be much further behind.

    Restaurants, etc aren’t allowed to do dine-in anymore, the schools are closed for two weeks past this week’s break, and daycares have been told to close, but public transit is still running (albeit on a reduced schedule, which sounds really horrible, but so many people are working from home that it’s not too bad). The universities have closed (including the most of the research, not just the teaching parts), but again, that was voluntary. We’re early enough in our outbreak that we have to keep this going for probably six weeks is the thing, so we can’t lockdown yet. (Businesses aren’t supposed to close). I am, however, annoyed that some churches didn’t close until Monday, instead of this past weekend. Our current gathering size limit is 50, but a lot of people are annoyed that that’s too high.

  34. @DemetriosX –

    Even if the govt issued enforced closure notices, apparently most businesses haven’t bought cover for infectious disease as it is not part of standard business interruption cover –

    ‘An ABI [Association of British Insurers] spokesperson said: “Irrespective of whether or not the Government order closure of a business, the vast majority of firms won’t have purchased cover that will enable them to claim on their insurance to compensate for their business being closed by the coronavirus.’


    It seems likely that later today the UK govt will announce closure of schools in England from the end of the week. Scotland and Wales have already announced this for their systems.

  35. Except for going out to the garage to feed my feral colony, I don’t leave the house much anyway. All my students have agreed to Skype sessions for the duration, and I went out to vote yesterday, but otherwise, life continues as normal.

    I will probably have groceries delivered if I need them.

    I may take the time to write a book, as Meryl does. 😉

  36. Well that’s very responsible of them! I just got an email from The Poetry Garage, who are refunding pre-ordered parking reservations made in connection with performances at nearby venues that have been cancelled.

    If you haven’t heard of The Poetry Garage, what it is, is — a parking garage.

    “There’s Poetry in Parking. Located in the heart of Chicago’s Loop at the southwest corner of Madison and Wells streets, The Poetry Garage brings literary awareness to Chicago’s major business district. Each level represents a culturally significant poet from various historical periods and poetic genres. Sights and sounds of poetry entertain parkers and enable each guests to remember where to find their car.”
    Hmm, were we on Langston Hughes level, or Emily Dickinson?

  37. The major political entities in the St. Louis MO area have issued a ban on dine-in service at bars and restaurants starting soon.

  38. This year I’m a tax preparer, and we are considered “essential”. The IRS has announced you have until July 15 to pay any tax due, but you still have to file by April 15th. Yes, you can file for an extension, but filing for an extension is just about as much work as filing regularly because you have to take into account the deductions and credits and capital gains and interest and dividends you’ll know for sure later but can only estimate now.

    I work at the tax kiosk at the Walmart. I will continue to be there 4 or 5 days a week until April 15. So I’ll be the one bringing the virus home to the housemates.

    Stop by. I’ve got the only bottle of hand sanitizer in the Walmart, locked up in my desk.

  39. I’m in the SF Bay Area – we’re under a Shelter-in-place order (which is not quite a lockdown). Like many others here – stay home if you can, essential people and essential businesses can still go on. Restaurants are to-go or delivery only, I don’t know about public transit, all the schools are closed, the Catholic churches are closed but I don’t know for certain about others, stay home or stay 6 feet from any person. Grocery stores, and any store that sells food as well as other things, can be open; so can medical venues, restaurants (as mentioned above) and oddly auto repair shops and hardware stores. There’s no enforcement as such (that I’m aware of), just “this is what we’re asking you to do”.

    Until today, I was doing training for the Census – they (Census officialdom) considered the Census “essential” so we could keep going (also breaking the earlier order not to gather in groups of more than 50 – class of 48 plus 7 trainers, to start with. Today it was actually legal, 40 trainees and 7 trainers). This afternoon, they officially decided to suspend the Census (I believe, throughout the US – a piecemeal Census really doesn’t make sense). The training (today was the 3rd of 4 days) is suspended, planned to start again on April 1st unless things change. And very nice, they’re planning to pay us – unemployment style, the average of our pay for the last ? weeks. I should be getting a decent amount; my trainees, who were on their third day of employment, not so much. But something is better than nothing.

  40. Not under lockdown, but most businesses are closed. My wife’s whole company has gone to work-from-home, except for the people who work on the physical servers, which is fewer than it used to be as they are moving more things to Amazon Web Services. One of the most recent robocalls from the mayor suggested that going outside and going for a walk or whatever was totally a good thing to do, but try to keep six feet away from your neighbors if you are going to stop and talk. And there aren’t many places to go; grocery stores, drugstores, and medical-related places are open, the restaurants are all takeout or delivery only, and that’s pretty much it. So we can leave the house, but where would we go?

    I’m REALLY glad I’m an EMT, now. I get to leave the house so my wife can have a break from me.

  41. Mark in Boston – I was shocked to find out that as an accountant I was essential. Of course by now, filing and paying taxes are delayed by IRS and my home state NY and several others. The only tax return I actually had here in the house to prepare was for a client in New Mexico, it was already finished, and in New Mexico they have extended the time to file the returns to July 15 but not the time to pay – interest will charged on payments after April 15 – there was an apology on their website that they are not authorized to change the date of payment.

    One problem is that the June 15 estimated tax payment is not delayed by IRS or NYS so that has to be paid a month before the April 15 estimated payment has to be paid.

    I have one client I have to file an extension for anyway as he never files before October.

    For once Robert will not be saying to me “Let’s file the return before October this year” as our returns are the top of the list right now.

  42. Before we had our tax filing deadline extended (I believe the payment one was already extended, but you still had to file), the commentary from the media was that “sure, you can apply for an extension, but that’s almost as much work as filing”, is that true in your jurisdiction too? (It may have just been that you would still need to go to a tax preparer to get it done, even if it was a faster thing to do.)

  43. If I understand your question, Christine…

    Filing an extension (in a normal year) involves filling out a very short form and mailing in what you estimate your tax payment should be. Five minutes at most.

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