1. He can’t use the phone. He sees that as a feature, giving him more time for everything else. What’s to fix?

  2. The implication seems to be that he doesn’t want to use his cellphone, but that people tend to be welded to their phones, so it needs some justification. Was there any in the May 21 strip?

  3. Потому что это русский телефон, излучение высокое. Теперь у него проблемы с мозгом. Это трагично.

  4. My two years of technical Russian 35 years ago *just* sufficed for me to forgo Google Translate! That’s … about the second time it’s come in handy. O well, it was fun.

  5. My one semester of Russian – I dropped the second while I had a 100% average! – goes back 59 years this fall. I did use it in grad school to translate three Russian articles from a chemistry journal to see if the content played a role in my research. It didn’t, but I was glad I could read the stuff.

  6. I could not read the darker strip.
    Since it has lightened up I have resumed reading heart in the city
    I am a senior and the size of the font and background color affects by ability to read

  7. Hi Judy, We try to “print” the comics we discuss as large as we can. But even so, some of them are hard to read. We sometimes help each other out, asking what some scribble says.

    You might be aware that “Heart of the City” has been given to a different cartoonist! Besides some alterations to a new overall style, they have reconceived all the characters!

  8. Currently they are running some old Tatulli strips because “Steenz” (from STL, yay) slipped on the ice and hurt her hand. I’m not sure when they didn’t run a sequence from after the change. It’s has some people celebrating the return to normal. They can be disappointed all over again.

  9. I have a bit of winter advice I like to share, and try to follow. If there is snow on the ground, and ice known or likely, wear gloves even if your hands don’t feel cold. So that if you slip and fall, you can try to catch yourself without abrading your poor hands!

    Brian, thanks for pointing out the current run of Tatulli art in Heart. But let me mention that this CIDU thread has an old comic not for that reason but just because it is responding to an old post, from 2019. Which someone posted to yesterday, and got a couple of responses.

  10. I didn’t intend to imply that this is one of the fill-in strips. That sequence has Heart getting teeth pulled.

  11. Right, Brian; I actually hesitated over the wording of my note, worried that it would seem to be implying that! 🙂

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