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This is an archived page, and cannot accept any new comments. The latest Random Comments page (2020) is here:

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Please note that this was intended for public comic comments only: if you want to send me a CIDU, or a comic for some specific folder (Ewww, Oy, etc), or you want to inform me of a typo, please e-mail me at cidu email.

Also: A list of the site’s most recent comments can be found in the left sidebar. A database of all the comments, compiled by larK, is here; and the site’s FAQ is here:

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  1. This template does NOT make it simple to add things to the sidebar (which is why the March of Dimes graphic never made it there). I suspect they want to discourage any content there that isn’t strictly part of the template’s offerings.

    It will get done, though. As well as moving the first 14,280 Random Comments into an archive.

  2. If adding a direct link to an external site is difficult, you might try the same method as with “Your Random Comments”: just create a post with the description and link in the header, and put a link to that post in the sidebar. Ditto for the CIDU FAQ.

  3. This afternoon, 5/16, all my RSS for GoComics are coming in as 404 Not Found. Anyone have any idea what that’s all about?

  4. @ Andréa – This might be a local effect caused by a defective DNS system in your area. The “Comics RSS” server is working fine from here. If your RSS system is a native part of GoComics, then I can’t help: I gave up on their perpetually clogged systems many months ago.

  5. Kilby: “Nobody ever reads the last comment on one of these pages.”

    I read it!

  6. I use the traditional website, not RSS feed. But in line with your observation, for much of the day yesterday (Monday 27 May — Memorial Day holiday) the comics were coming up as Sunday 26 May, and not advancing to the Monday when I tried setting it, different ways.

  7. @ Andréa – There’s also the method I use: wait until tomorrow, and then read two make that three strips per comic in a single day.

  8. No can do . . . I have a list of editorial and other comics that I maintain; folks are waitin’ for my postings, just as we wait for CIDU Bill’s . . . with bated/baited breath.

  9. I didn’t notice anything yesterday. I read mine from the email page they send to premium members.

  10. @ Andréa – I sent an e-mail to the operator of the website, and he replied that he was looking into the problem. Everything repopulated normally this morning, so it seems to have been fixed quickly, but I have no idea what the problem was.

  11. suggestion – since “old random comments” is still the easiest of the Randoms to get to, maybe the head post text there is a good place for a link to New Random (or Meta New Random).

  12. There’s nothing inherently odd about this picture, which is not a comic. But it seems creepy to me because I know about the Arlo award / Arlo page.

  13. Mitch, the problem is that the links in the sidebar seem to be locked in. I’m hoping to find some backdoor way around that.

  14. As I mentioned in the comments on the new top post, my semi-satisfying compromise solution is too hard to post from my phone 😎


    The compromise solution:

    Stop being concerned with that link in the sidebar, stop fighting WordPress over editing it. Don’t worry about what it is, what it says, or where it leads when one clicks it.
    But we do want to focus on what we find when we get to where the link leads. It will still be stuck as “” , which is the top note anchoring the OLD Random Comments thread. That’s all right, we’re not going to try to change that URL.
    But the title or “headline” can certainly be edited — it used to be different but now is “Old Random Comments (through May 15, 2019)”. It can therefore be edited further, to say in some succinct form “OLD Thread, Closed, Do not use.” [Software people — what’s the term for a feature which is kept in a new version for back-compatibility, but users are urged not to use going forward nor to rely on? “Disparaged”? “Denigrated”? I think it’s slightly more polite. Anyway, that’s the idea that needs to be conveyed.
    The contents of the post are currently
    Please note that this is intended for public comic comments only: if you want to send me a CIDU, or a comic for some specific folder (Ewww, Oy, etc), or you want to inform me of a typo, please e-mail me at
    I don’t know if this is still editable at this point.
    If it is, great! Make it say something like “Instead, please use the 2019 New Random Comments thread, at

    If that contents paragraph is not editable, well, put that link into the title/headline.

    5. How is this a compromise? Well, it does not struggle to provide a one-click path to the 2019 New Random Comments. BUT it does provide a simple two-click path to that desired page.

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